False Positive : Boclean gets flagged as malware

Hi, Friends i have encountered one problem regarding to the boclean that is, I downloaded boclean from comodo website. while, installing the boclean my comodo firewall ( defense+ alerts me a possible malware behaviour. but, i installed it and i restarted the pc, after restarting, i saw one notification in the summary panel of my cfp that is, it blocked some suspicious attempts (boclean memory assessing) in defense+ events. So, my question is

  1. does boclean is necessary for the security. beacuse, i have avast 4.8 as my av and cfp 3.0 it provides me an aptimum security.

2.why it reports that boclean would be a possible malware
please help me regarding to this issue

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I’ve moved your post to here and changed the title a little so you will be helped out faster. :slight_smile:

Could you please also follow these steps

Thx in advance


The reason you are getting these alerts/notifications about BOClean is due to BOClean doing its scan of anything which is using the memory.Defence+ does not like anything it doesnt know about trying to scan/alter it so it will not let it. You can allow BOClean to be excempt from this thus avoiding the logs by adding the executables to Comodos protection setting exceptions list.
To do this From the main menu click Defence+/Advanced/Computer security policy/Now highlight the Comodo Firewall Pro entry and click “Edit”/Now click on “Protection settings”/In the new window click on “Modify” next to “Interprocess memory access”/Now “Add”/Running processes and double click on the 2 BOClean executables/APPLY to close all windows.