False-Positive(?): Barrotes.840(ID = 0xa5b) for Old INSTALL.EXE File

I ran a Defense+ “Scan My System” today with CFP v3.0.22.349 (32-bit) and it flagged an INSTALL.EXE I have had for many years as “Barrotes.840(ID = 0xa5b)” malware. I suspect this is a false-positive.

CFP v3.0.22.349 Report:
Barrotes.840(ID = 0xa5b) D:\DL\Downloads\Drivers\CDROM\Creative\Win95\INSTALL.EXE

I uploaded that INSTALL.EXE file to VirusTotal and Jotti. Neither site reported any malware.

VirusTotal Scan Result Link:

I used WinZip v11.2 to zip the INSTALL.EXE file as INSTALL.zip and attached INSTALL.zip to this message.

EDIT: Seems I have had this INSTALL.EXE file since 1996 and also seems there would not be much demand for the file now. Therefore, fixing such a false-positive may be inconsequential and unnecessary.

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False positives are normal with any scanner. Comodo’s scanner is still new and should not be used as a replacement for well known malware scanners like SuperAntiSpyware.