False Positive - ApplicUnwnt@#n837qfew157d

Hi COMODO team.

I have two claims:

  1. False Positive - ApplicUnwnt@#n837qfew157d on the Dropbox - 20a83ee6.msp - Simplify your life Author is Microsoft Corp. 8)
    For more details VirusTotal

  2. Please update Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis with the text for reporting false positive files more than 10 MB
    Just upload the samples to any file sharing website (like Google Drive for example) and give us the link.

Best regards,

Hi Yevhenii,

Thank you for reporting.
We’ll check it.

Kowsalya R

Hi Yevhenii,

The false-positive with ApplicUnwnt[at]#n837qfew157d has been fixed. Please update the virus database to version 31773.