False positive (99.999% sure)

CIS 8140 blocks this game’s exe Shale Hill Secrets by Love-Joint (ADULT CONTENT WARNING!!!) even Virustotal gives clean score. Also that exe vanishes faster than greased lightning from File list after adding it to Trusted file and pressing ok and re-checking File list.

VirusTotal - File - 221fbc7b7b1f296d2c5af695e96f90f862b9c469ed6f8c43a8c6c0f06acac833

No Valkyrie since don’t want to register to rarely used site.

Cherry on top of chocolate cake is that older CIS 8014 (well Pro version since 1st link on search had only CIS Pro downloader but same program still) allows adding that file to Trusted file after it’s Contained on 1st run.

So something bugs, either newest non-beta CIS or older CIS. Which is up to Devs to determine.

So no news? Regarding which CIS is right and which CIS wrong?

Hello @cuser

Thank you for your submission and sorry for the late reply. This should be fixed with DB update v36879.

Best regards,

We’ll see when it gets here.

So I assume that CIS 8014 was right and CIS 8142 was wrong (not that I expect you to tell me that.

I’m unsure if it’s a matter of versions or how you got each of them configured.

Base configuration on both besides AV On Access, HIPS Safe Mode, Viruscope enabled and Auto Contain enabled (and set that my home network is Trusted (on 8142) so computers can see others (didn’t after install as stated elsewhere)).

Anyways game works on 8142 now so case settled for now.