fals positive ? hook.dll


i’m installing mouse software for a trust mouse.
comodo detecting this hook.dll as keylogger.
i cant believe hook.dll to be a real keylogger sinds i just downloaded it from the trust site.
go download it yourself to see.


its for a gm-4200 gamer mouse on winxp so i can actualy use the extra buttons .

hi i just read " too late" that i should not post links to bad files and all.
but i figured if u cant even trust, trust^^ then there is nobody u can trust. hehe
i did find a post on avast where someone had the same thing, and he found out it was a fals positive.

if this is a real threat i will never ever ever post a link too anything again, not even an add .
sorry for putting it here, i thought it be helpfull and all.


We have download this file form the trust site,but ‘hook.dll’ can not be found.
Please provide the maleware’s name,and upload ‘hook.dll’ to the forum.
We will deal with as soon as possible!


The Reported False Positive has been fixed in the latest base version 1072. Please update your Virus Database.
Thank you for reporting the False Positive.


If you’re going to classify this .dll as a false positive, then you’d better reconsider your stance on thehook.dll that I reported in this thread… 88)

False positive thehook.dll in SciTE for AutoIt (Unclassified Malware[at]4226609)

From what I’ve read about hook.dll, it’s every bit as supicious as thehook.dll.