Fake or Real

What do reckon to these,there allegedlly painted hands,but i have my doubts!!!

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Wow, that’s really cool! :o

Here`s a few more,the artist must be good.


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(:CLP) cool
pic no.1 (the owl) :THNK i can’t see the hand

and pic “hand16.png” , what’s that? (:TNG) i see plain painted hands

ganda, are you sure they aren’t your relatives or ancestors?

question forwarded to Ragwing ;D

I’m quite sure his ancestors aren’t that advanced. This is one of the first living creatures on Mars:

Also ganda, it’s a shame for you that I know more than you about Mars…

I reckon this ones Ganda??

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:slight_smile: is it really human hand?

  1. maybe you’re a martion too.

You said you’re the smartest martian, so I can’t be.
Anyways, let’s continue our discussion in our beloved thread instead of spamming this one :wink: