Fake Antivirus Masquerades as Wireshark

Fake Antivirus Masquerades as Wireshark

Security researchers have identified a new piece of scareware which abuses the name of a popular data packet analysis tool used by industry professionals. The new rogue application is called Wireshark Antivirus and, as most programs of its kind, tries to trick users into paying money by displaying fake security alerts.

It’s a shame that people would actually do this to other people! >:-D
Why cant these people that make this stuff work for real security companies because they could put there expertise to good use.

You are way too idealistic :wink:

1st that is a fun game for them to prove all kind of vulnerabilities of WinDos & existing security Packages around;

Then, it still allow them to have a lot of money … sometimes more (at least for a short period ) than any “real” security (which cannot protect the users) can get

… Simple

Some of those are indeed being hired by Big Birds (including Little&Soft)… but at the end of the day that doesn’t work because the OS is ill anyway
Please find the list of vulnerabilities reported for WinDos (win 7 x64 included despite … their Patch Guard … oh! whatever… ) & have fun man - use Linux or Mac for your work & just have good Backup & the ability to clean reinstall of WinDos as soon as you are infected… & you are somehow/ for some reasons compelled to work/use it

… Simple again