failure to update virus database

I tried uninstalling and re-installing… same thing if I click on to update the database… says to check my internet connection… but I’m on DSL and I’ve got IE open when I click to update…
Does anyone know why I’m having a problem?

VIsta home premium and IE …

Welcome. :slight_smile:

This problem is currently being investigated by the developers.

Thank you. I was told by someone to download the older version for now. I’ve never had Comodo before this and was wondering if I will run into problems un-installing this new version, installing the older one, then later un-installing the older version and installing a new one again.

Comodo has released a new update that should fix this issue (Try updating)

Comodo → Misc → check for updates

Perfect!!! I’m golden now!! Thanks all… and thanks to the Comodo staff for the fix!!