failed with code 7

I created a synchronized backup with the latest version 2.2.127000.12 of Comodo Backup.
First backup when created was successfully.
Then I created a test file to see if the backup is working. It does not.
I got back an e-mail that say:
Backup “\MAINSRV\Users Shared Folders\Bjorn\Backup” failed with code 7

I’m using windows 7 32-bits locally
and windows server 2003 on MAINSRV.

I have plenty of memory and hard disk space.
Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?

I solved the problem my self.

The thing is that the process for sync-backup run as a service with a local SYSTEM-user. That user have can not write on a fileserver in a domain-network.

Can you please stop using code and write out the error-text. Then it’s easy to find and solve the problem