Failed updates to CIS4 losing Comodo users?

I just heard from a friend who was about to give up on CIS because he had been prompted to update from CIS3, CIS3 was uninstalled and then the installation of CIS4 failed with error: 1603. I got him to run Ronny’s batch file to clean up the leftovers and he has now installed CIS4 successfully.

How many ordinary users are being lost because they don’t know how to get help?

I wonder whether Ronny’s batch file could be run as part of the changeover installation?

What is Ronny’s batch file? I am getting that error message. So I tried to reinstall 3.1 and then update it but when I run the updates it gets to 2% every time I try and then I get an error message. So now I am running 3.1 without any of the updates between that release and 4. I would like to get 4 installed successfully.


I don’t know, but I think he was referring to this tool:;msg259617#msg259617

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Oops! you are correct, apologies to Ragwing.