Failed update

Last night I updated my CIS to version 3.8 using the automatic update. During the update process the cfpupdat.exe stopped working and I got the usual “cfpupdat.exe stopped working” Windows dialog. Ever since then CFP cannot run and I always geth the same “cfp.exe stopped working” dialog. The uninstall also don’t work because cfpconfg.exe stops working. The only exe I can run is the cfpupdat.exe but it says, I have the latest version installed. I tried to download the the full installer but when I run it, I get the same “cfpconfg.exe stopped working” message, I guess it is because it tries to run the installed cfpconfg.exe.

Is there a way to repair my damaged install or remove it completely to run a clean install again?

I’m running Windows Vista Home Premium, 64 bit, SP1
Windows Firewall is turned off, and I have no other firewalls or antivirus products installed.

I have experienced the same thing. When upgrading from CPF to CIS, I get the message:“Runtime error! This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application’s support team for more information.”

When I ran the uninstall to try to reinstall the program, I got the CIS web page that asked why I was uninstalling the program. None of the choices refered to a failed uninstall. So the support team has no idea what the real problems is.

Have tried the install/uninstall several times and always get the above error message.

I am running Microsoft Vista Home Premium SP1 32 bit on an HP Pavillion.



You will have to do a clean install to upgrade from 3 to 3.8
Also, it is recommended to disable any and all active AV scanners on your system.

Try this tutorial: .

It is meant for Comodo Firewall Pro but is still valid.

First off, thank you for the help, everyone!
After many frustrated hours I finally found out, it was WindowBlinds (ver. 6.4, build 123, 64 bit) that caused my troubles. It looks like WB is messing up something with Comodo’s self-skinned windows.
It worked flawlessly with CIS 3.5, so I completely forgot I was even using it.
After I excluded every .EXE file in the CIS folder from being skinned by WB, everything went back to normal. My case is solved.