Failed to write to DBM file "/tmp/modsecurity/ip": Invalid argument


i just introduced modsecurity2 on one of our debian7 (plesk12) nodes and i am testing comodo’s rulesets.
unfortunately, in modsec_audit.log i find a lot of lines as follows:

Failed to write to DBM file “/tmp/modsecurity/ip”: Invalid argument

searching in google about this issus, the root cause seems to be related to libapache2-modsecurity version (2.8.0-14061715) or to SDBM limits.
also, i found, right now, but as i can see, there has been still not found a solution, other than recompiling libapr manually.

any support will be very appreciated,


Unfortunately we’ve got an information that even after arp/arp-util recompiling this error did not dissapeared.

thank you for reply.

i am not too sad about this, because i would prefer NOT to have to manually change libraries etc. for our nodes.
can you say something about when this issue probabely may be fixed? i have to find a good solution against brute force attacks, very very soon…


Sadly there is no solution as per now and I am looking mod_security developers to fix it but even they have no estimate for this.