failed to update virus database

please help

says the virus signature not up to date

tried to update now then n get
failed to update vrtus signature database. please check internet connection and try again…did so several times…internet up!

Same issue since last update

me too

As I posted earlier. I’m using Mozilla Firefox rather than Explorer, but everything else is accessible on the internet – I even start it before trying to update but that does no good! The system diagnostic tells me that something is wrong, but the long log file printout means nothing to me, although an expert technician could probably find the fault. Comodo looks good otherwise, but if it won’t update it’s fairly useless in the long run.

– hezagzr :frowning:

Uninstall CIS, download and install latest update. It works for me.

no updates means something weird happened during install. Download from here and do a clean install and by that I mean don’t import rules either.

CIS 3.10.101801.529 on XP…I first time install this software from the lasta i instale my windows…I don’t like how Comodo make updates at wall…

1.I think you need to separe update data base of comodo with upgrade the comodo program…every time I make an update it upgrade comodo, tell me to restart PC and 3 time doing this with no reason…My database is not updated and my comodo is not upgraded…apear another icon in tray that says to upgrade or let say download the last comodo, but I have the las Comodo already, compared the versions…

  1. where is stop button on update

  2. I have 8mbit/s internet conection, why take so long Comodo update, why it shows every time 5%, long very long 30%…it must be a conection between downloaded update size and %…

  3. I don,t know Comodo has a sheduled task for update and where I can set it or it’s manual pdate every time…