Failed to show the Balloon!...

What’s this? 88)

I got that message today too! WTF iz dat!? It seems that yours is the only reference to this occurrence on the entire Internet - strange indeed! Checked Google, Yahoo, even Copernic, could we be the only ones on Earth who’ve seen this? I hope Comodo can help us and at LEAST let us know what it’s trying to tell us. Oh well, now we wait… ??? 88) :-\ ???

Do you guys have the Antivirus also installed?

Can you post CIS version number?
What OS are you using?


Yes, I am using the antivirus too (though I cannot speak for Xichael). This has only happened once so far - just threw me for a loop. I will upgrade from my current version 3.10.101801.529 to the latest version 3.11.108364.552 and see if it occurs again at next bootup. I’m using Windows XP Pro(32-bit) w/SP3 installed. Just a few minutes ago I looked up “balloon” on this forum and it seems to be some king of message generated by the program itself. So is the program trying to tell us that it’s having trouble showing us some particular message?? Oh well… still in “wtf” mode… Thanks!

just got same thing too - no news about what it is???

I just wonder what it’s trying to communicate, and whether it’s important.

Anyone know?

I know this thread is quite old, but today I have got this message too! What does it mean? I am afraid about my life now… :frowning:


Just out of curiosity, do you have in More > Preferences > General, the item “Show balloon messages” enabled?

This option is disabled. So, what the reason could be that I have got such message?

Which version of CIS do you actually have?