Failed to Install Correctly

I decided the AV wasn’t for me but must keep the FW so I thought the best option was a clean uninstall (Revo Pro) and then do a FW only re-install.

That went absolutely fine with everything working ok after. When I came to re-install at the end I got a ‘Failed to install’ notification with a broken browser (Firefox) and no network connection.
Only after a system restore did I get both of those working again.

On boot I get a ‘can’t find cfp.exe’ warning when Comodo tries to load.

Some advice here would be much appreciated as the FW is the business and I don’t want to change.

Attached is the error report.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Try running Diagnostics. If that can’t fix it then you’ll have to do a clean install. Please follow Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron. It will provide a reliable clean starting point.

Eric, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately CF won’t start now (can’t find cfp.exe error).

I originally uninstalled CF with Revo Pro set at moderate after which everything was fine. It was only after the attempted re-install it all went toes up.

If I go back to that restore point a load of stuff doesn’t work - no network adaptor, no browser and more. Even at the current configuration things are not well - I think I am looking at a complete system re-install here - a horrendous prospect!

Try my guide on page 8 from Erics link before Windows reinstall. It works for me, others here and at another security forum that has complaints like yours (error messages, updating from v7, Comodo reinstalls etc).

Unfortunately it seems the people that are affected by this will need to continue my guide for proper Comodo uninstall/reinstall until Comodo fixes this. Even with a new Windows install, installing Comodo and then uninstalling Comodo v7 or v8 the errors come back on Comodo reinstall.

I made a link to your post with the guide. Eric

What is the exact problem with your network adapter? It is not working? Or is it no longer there?

If the network adapter is not working then the following will be of help. Sometimes it happens that you can’t connect to the internet after uninstalling, using the unofficial clean up tool or trying a manual deinstallation. Then the Inspect driver is still present and needs to be uninstalled.

How to uninstall the CIS firewall driver when it stays present? Look up the properties of the network connection, select the Comodo Firewall driver and uninstall it. See the attached image.

I had removed the Comodo network drivers but it made no difference - clearly Revo (despite my excellent experiences with that software) had left something behind which has caused this to happen.

I have my network adaptor working again via a system restore but like many system restores it can be a double edged sword - most stuff works but a lot is broken - the latest being very slow to recognize a usb insert followed by a painfully slow transfer rate (and I do mean painfully slow!). No matter what I do to try and unpick this thing I cannot get it fixed so I have made the decision to re-install. I have been helped in that decision by the fact I have a 7 year old hard drive that runs the OS which is only half the spec of the much newer motherboard - so kill two birds with one stone - time to lie down in a darkened room for an hour before I start.

I will, of course, be re-installing a fresh version of CFW when I’m done - thanks again for your help and suggestions.

I also had revo uninstaller pro break my network adapters when I uninstalled EasyVPN via its install log. I was able to get the adapters back but got stuck with broken EasyVPN adapter that won’t go away. Eventually I just reinstalled the image.