Failed to download new version


If I goto “About Comodo Dragon”, it displays “Failed to download new version” (even though I’m on This started happening a couple of releases back (btw, I’ve even done a fresh install).

If I select the “Retry” button, it will the report that CD is up to date and will work fine for the session. As soon as I close CD and reopen, the same error occurs. Any ideas? Could this be a proxy issue although it does correct itself by retrying.



You’ve already reported this issue here.
It would be best if you updated that thread with any new information so we don’t have to hunt it down on several threads should we need to review the problem.
I’ve also updated that thread with some new information that should clarify the nature of the problem.

Thank you.

Hi Blendea

Sorry for the double post. I thought I’d already posted about this previously but couldn’t find the thread (which was under a different user). I even did a search for my posts and nothing showed up prior to posting. Thanks for linking to my original post though.