Failed, refuse, flunk, update Virus database!!! <cmc>

“Failed to update the virus signature database. Please check your internet connection and try again later.”

I see about TEN pages of previous posts regarding problems to auto-update virus database.
IN the past three months, I have had no problem with updating but it appears that the latest database or Comodo as a whole may be responsible. I tried with THREE different connections and checked ALL setting all attempts to update FAILED. If AV cannot update reliably then, it’s effectiveness as a whole becomes questionable.

The AV fails to update yet, after failing and re-attempt to update, it says the database is up to date!!! it lies.
Attempting to update again, fails at 90% while “Finalizing”!!!
Forget manual update as it is NOT designed with users in mind at all; restart in safe mode, rename file, include new file,…!!!

So friends, you are not the only ones facing this issue and stop messing with your settings. Read through TEN pages of posts regarding this shameful failure and move on to ANOTHER and more reliable AV for now till this is addressed. Obviously, the issue is NOT at the top of the priority list of Comodo yet.

Does your problem persist or did it solve its self?


I see you have been busy addressing concerns.

After reading your post I thought I give it a shot and try to update and behold, it went through and updated to database ver. 7016.

I am not sure that is the latest database and I do not know how to verify WHAT the latest database is suppose to be. Could you kindly tell me how?

Thanks for the interest and assistance.


Just catching up after vacation… :slight_smile:

Please check here

Dennis2, thanks for the assistance and for posting the link to the Latest Database Version information.