"Factory Reset"

How can I completely reset CIS 5.10 to default and delete all configuration files to make it like it has just been installed?

Can I simply delete all cis files in C:\Programdata and then restart PC?

The installation folder of CIS holds the factory default configurations. You can import and activate the configurations you want under More -->Manage My Configurations.

Thanks. Would importing the config replace the old config files? I would like to free some junk files from my hdd. The reason is that I recently realised that for the three configurations of cis (proactive, firewall, and internet) each hold a whole set of config (including trusted files etc). So I think switching from firewall to proactive would leave behind a whole bunch of useless files.


Configurations of CIS are stored in the registry and as such there is nothing to gain. When importing another configuration you can decide to over write an existing one or to import it under a different name.

As far as I know CIS does not have various databases for the various configurations. Besides these files, as they can be found in the database folder, are not big. There is no real gain to be had.

Removing not used configurations will save some space used by the registry on your hd but I don’t think that will free up serious space.

For cleaning up hd you’d better look elsewhere.