Facebook username not valid

Hi @ all!
My system information:
Windows 7 SP1 - 64 bit
Easy VPN

My Problem:
When i enter the account information for a Facebook account (settings → 3rd party IM), CEVPN tells me “Please input a valid username for Facebook” right after clicking the “add”-button.
As username, i tried to use my email address. (just like on facebook)
I tried different email-addresses (with different symbols and without symbols) → not working.
I tried to add a Google account, that worked, but facebook still doesn’t.

Because my account details are valid and there are no other user informations i could give a try, i’m thinking this is a bug.

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Hi, Cresse

You need to use your facebook username, not login.

So you have to create facebook username first.

Please look at http://www.facebook.com/ajax/sitetour/chat.php?jabber_client=3 page in order to get more information.

After you have facebook username, just set it in “username” field of Evpn.


Thank you for the fast awnser.
So now i understand. But it’s confusing.
CEVPN should tell you that you have to upgrade your facebook account to jabber ;D

apropos: the link you posted redirects me to facebook home, but this link is working for me:

And here you get the username: