Facebook Shadow Profile

What do you think? Acceptable or not?

What do you want PrivDog to do about this?

I know for a fact that Facebook provides sensitive data to governments, and other entities on demand,… they block profiles on political views,…
I know that they are part of prism
everything they do on Facebook takes away privacy
so anything that combat what facebook does to undermine privacy, security is welcomed by me .

Not really surprised. I got a weird uneasy feeling about my account on facebook so I used the well hidden ‘form’ to “completely” remove my account. Whether it really is completely or not I do not know but since it’s Facebook I would assume that it is not. However if it is, is the shadow profile still there? Anyway, just a few days after I removed my account the news of the NSA scandal got online =P talk about timing (however it takes some time for Facebook to get around to deleting your account (i.e backing your account up on several different servers))

Not acceptable. I don’t have a FB account and I did not give my information. Needless to say that I am not happy it has information about me by proxy of other people.

We are entering a new era in our Digital world…with all this social stuff, online stuff etc…

Just like in any new era vulnerabilities happen…people try to exploit these…Wild west…cars without seat belts initally and so on…then comes a technology to give the power back to users…

I find it unacceptable to take what is yours…your identity…your actions…your browsing history…all that belongs to you…taking this without your consent is simply unacceptable…

PrivDog to the rescue!!!

It is stealing and I bet they call it innovation… :-X

But what can PrivDog do to stop others from allowing Facebook to scan their address book?

Alert the user so that they know what the consequences are?

I am assuming this would be for the people who have facebook and are about to import contact lists since any such message for people without facebook would be… pointless.

We all know that most people will simply ignore the warning and will consent… :-\

I dont use facebook so cannot comment really, but I do not use facebook because of such behaviour

The Privacy settings are awkward ( by design ), and regularly we hear that they shift the goal posts

Introducing Open and Transparent, Innovative and exciting opportunities :slight_smile:

I certainly would not be happy if I was a member.

Off topic amazing story - I was walking through our local high street not so long ago, and overheard a conversation including a grandparent obviously really proud of her grandson, who was clearly a budding geek in her eyes “Yeah he does the computer stuff I havent got a clue about, has his own facebook account and everything” …

This child looked about 6 years old. Probably will have a mobile in a few years, if not already, and being taken advantage of by facebook ( un-wittingly will also be giving away a heap of contacts, and will have no clue about all those long word bits he agreed to or the implications of settings )

I wonder if facebook accurately determines by behaviour the likely age group of that person, but will not publicly admit they know

… The younger they are the more value long term for farming data. Paedobook.

Risks for youngsters on fb is a scary thought. Especially when they don’t necessarily know how to configure the settings stop privacy leak, as well as being young, doesn’t understand the implications of giving out details which are then so easily accessible by others…

Worry not…we are working on these issues…