Facebook redirect SSL warning

New to forum but using Dragon for about a year. No problems until I updated to a few days ago. Now I get an SSL warning It may not be safe to exchange information with this site on most webpages, with an address starting with https://s-static.ak.fbcdn.net. For example:


I think it’s something to do with a tie in between the webpages and Facebook. I’ve never used Facebook. Is there any way to fix it, or can I revert to the old version of CD to keep it from happening?

W7, SP1, 32 bit on Hannspree notebook

Same here. I get the SSL warning almost everywhere, even when visiting non-commercial sites.

Hi guys a temporary solution to the warning popup found in the quote below from Ronny.

This is a bug which has been reported and has been confirmed that it is intended to be corrected in the next version.

Thank you, captainsticks, it worked.

Hi Roader,
The new version16.1.1.0 has appeared to solve quite a few issues.
Glad all is working.