Facebook makes me disapointed. AARRRGGGHHH !!!

Facebook is the SLOWEST website I have ever seen although I use Firefox 3.5!
I must reload MANY TIMES!


Facebook is :-TD

I need something to break now… do you find it?

hi, its not usually like that, i had this problem once, and i cleared my cache and ran a ccleaner and that pretty much cured my problem.

Clearing cache on exit usually helps to get your browser more responsive. Also making disk cache not too big (< 200MB usually will do).

With the massive amounts of traffic they get facebook is normally pretty slow compared to most sites.

Canada is taking Facebook to court citing it violates privacy regulations.
(this is still OT) :slight_smile:

really? i have heard a lot of people complain about facebook violating their privacy, its not nice when these things happen, but its sometimes a two way thing, people should be careful what they are putting on facebook if they do not want others to see it, and make their profiles private.