Face-to-face verification never valid


I’m having major trouble getting answers from the ticket support system. I keep receiving templated replies.

  1. I went to the notary following all the face-to-face document instructions and mailed the originals.

  2. I receive an email asking for my notary credentials, so I send the links to Comodo through the online directory through the ticket support system.

  3. I get answered that I need a ‘notary seal on the face-to-face document’ (the personal declaration form I guess?) which was mailed a week before.

  4. The notary did not put the seal the first time as they say it’s a mere decoration and not in their definition of ‘notarized’. I go back to the notary making new photocopies and fill out the form again, get an embossed seal on the form and have them faxing the documents. Now the seal is embossed and it doesn’t come out visible on a scanner or on the faxed copy. Ticket system wants a scanned copy of the seal even if I explain the situation… I mailed the new originals to Comodo last week and still have received no updates about this.