Extra Installer option

Hi, I’d like to thanks Comodo for making such great products free.

It is my understanding that most user that will complain about having the toolbar have the “Next,Next,Next” syndrome. In order to protect Comodo and those user from an undesirable experience I suggest breaking that Next-Next flow.

For example, you can have two more check box in the installer

[] I have read and made my choice about SafeSurf toolbar
[] I am not sure, please install Add/Remove shortcut in Start Menu

Without checking any of those two the Next button is grayed out, so the user is forced to read.
Ans thus end user will not miss the toolbar. Both party are protected from accidental install.

The Add/Remove is the ultimate protection against doubt.
A user that was going to complain about the toolbar will have a one click experience to remove it, thus no excuse.
It work better if no reboot is required.

More important it prevent user from making an error in the uninstall process and thus it prevent bad publicity in the form of “toolbar uninstall corrupted my browser”

If you make an Add/Remove shortcut then … well you can also please user that generally will not install toolbar but on a second tough decide to support Comodo…


Well, English is not my first language so diplomacy is not as it should have been.
But it’s my understanding a few unsatisfied users can create what happened with TrustToolbar and i just wish the best for Comodo.