external hard drive problem

used disk encryption for a external hard drive. When rebooting and typing my password (which was correct) nothing happened. So I removed this ext drive , rebooted again, and my computer started up as usual, but can’t find the external hard drive after connecting it to the compu. Even Comodo Disk Encr can’t find this drive.
Now I’m pretty tired of rebooting and trying so I decided to format this disk (even if I lose about 300 gb of documents) but that won’t work either. Tried to format about 5 times and at the end of the process there’s a message that formatting the disk isn’t possible.
Can anyone tell me if there’s another program that can format thiis ext. hard drive after running disk encryption on it?
ps I’m sorry if my english isn’t correct…I’m dutch…

Yes I think that would be Parted magic http://partedmagic.com/

Tried 3 different programs to format but none of them can get access to this external hard drive. ( "a problem occured…) Guess the trashcan (outdoor) seems the only option.
Regret to have installed disk encryption… strange though there is no solution for this problem?
But thanks Eljo for trying!

There is one hard format option somewhere on the PM disk erasing everything, if that does not work nothing will I think.


You should keep the external hard drive plugged in during boot time. You should not format the hard drive. If the hard drive is not displayed in explorer this means that the authentication was not performed, from two reasons :

  1. wrong password and/or USB key.
  2. bootloader problem.

In case of bootloader problem you should:

  1. repair your MBR. (https://forums.comodo.com/comodo_disk_encryption/how_to_upgrade_from_cde_10043_beta_to_124658_beta-t26743.0.html)
  2. start Windows
  3. Open CDE and use “Add/Remove Encrypted Partitions” tool in order to mount your encrypted drive. This operation requires the encryption settings(hash algorithm, cipher algorithm, password and/or USB key).

Okay so I have the same problem. Looking for a secure way to lock my exxternal hard drive in preparation ofr a trip I have used CDE and now find that the system does not recognize the drive. I have tried the MBR Fix no luck. I then tried to add the encrypted partition and I get an error message that it cannot be added and to check that the disk was encrypted with CDE. I have tried all combinations with no result.

So Iguess this is a dead end and I am forced to re-format my drive and reload all of the data. NICE!!!

I do not think I will be using this software. What happened to all o fthe great reviews?


Next time use truecrypt http://www.truecrypt.org/


Thanks for the direction to Truecrypt. I read through their documentation and used it on my last trip to West Africa. As it was I am glad I did as the flash drive encrypted was stolen and contained alot of personal and company data.

Truecrypt worked great when we used it though without problem and exactly like I wanted to work.

Thanks again. Now if I can only get the USB external drive fixed !

You need to uninstall CDE from your computer, reboot and the you can reformat the drive, thats what i had to do after my 300GB drive with CDE was not accessable anymore :slight_smile: