external device scan


I have installed in my laptop cis. How can I scan external devices (usb,dvd,external hard drive etc)? Should I scan with right click scan with cis and then scan with cce custom scan?

I mean what is the difference?

There is no difference. Right click scanning is easier than other ways.

I mean that there should be difference between cis and cce. So should I scan with both ways?

I think CCE detects abnormal/unsafe system configuration and attempts to repair on user-prompt. That might be it.

Yes, there are some difference, but you asked about external devices scan, so see what I said. Right click scanning is enough for that.

Yes but why then cce include custom scan?

Because CCE was a standalone product before, however, it has been integrated with CIS. It can help you to clean and repair your infected system. you can do a full or smart scan as well as custom scan, it is normal there are 3 different scan.
The custom scan feature allows you to check for malware in any particular file/folder or drive when a right-click scan is not available. don’t forget CCE was a portable product before, and Right click scanning was not available.

But Right click scanning is available by CIS. Of course on CIS the custom scan feature is a useful and flexible option to periodically running a ‘regular’ scan of your system (or any particular file/folder ) and you can easily configure the scanning options.

I am trying to understand what are you saying to me but I confused :(.

First you told me that right click with cis do the same thing thing with cce custom scan In the and you told me that I can right click scan but I can scan periodically with cce custom scan.

I am trying to say that if cis and cce scan for the same infections we will install one of these programs. Now that comodo offer both cis and cce together there are doing different things. So I thing that for external drives (usb,dvd etc) we should scan both with cis and cce.
Do you agree?