Extensions Not Working

This may or may not be related to CD. It may be a unique problem on my end. I’m not sure.

I began using CD with 14.2. No problems to report. Love the browser. Beginning with 15.0, all my extensions stopped working. For the life of me, I could not figure out why. I tried regular and portable installs to no avail.

I compared my portable SRWare Iron folder with the Dragon portable folder. The Iron folder contained one zero byte file the CD folder did not: First Run. For the hell of it, I copied over the First Run file to the CD folder. I fired up CD and all of the extensions began working again. Well, all but the KeePass extension.

Again, it may be a unique issue related only to my setup. It appears that way as I didn’t find any recent topics on the problem.

Edit: I meant to post in the Bugs section.