extensions disabled without warning

Hi, today I found that CID disable my 12 extensions in addons. I just want to find out is there a possibility to put CID in previous state or not with all that extension enabled. I dont care about new versions and security and all that. Is it some bug?
I am using a portable version and in settings says that current version is 64.0.2 (32bit)
Thanks in advance

Also it is probleme with addons. and language pack not work also.
win 7 32 bit

hey… but 12 extensions at once?

I have the same issue. This makes this browser 100% unusable for me.

read this:

and this works for me: go to about:config and change "xpinstall.signatures.required’’ to false

I have been compiling a list of all the worst attributes of this browser to post along with everything that does not work about it. Now today all of a sudden a number of ADD ONs are not working and have been DEACTIVATED by " Ice Dragon."
Ice Dragon has disabled ’ ABLOCK PLUS." So ice Dragon is causing major problems and doing things it has no right to do.
This is a horrible browser that takes all the BAD things from Firefox and keeps them intact, so its essentially just a worse version of FF. I am uninstalling this product on 7 different computers starting today. Pale Moon is looking real good in comparison. Although it has issues, it does get rid of the most stupid things from FF.
When browsers start disabling things that are installed on the system that users definitely want, this equates to SPYWARE, and software engineer control freakism. Its not acceptable and is a sign of incompetence.

That issue is a Mozilla bug / error:

and this works for me: go to about:config and change "xpinstall.signatures.required'' to false
That works perfectly :) Or

If you want to do it the harder way >:-D
download the extension to the computer
check Enable add-on debugging
click load temporary addons and add xpi file.
Done, you have to do this everytime you restart the browser LOL… :wink:

Or just roll back the clock to yesterday too

Or wait until Mozilla fixes it

Nothing worked for me until I found this link on the mozilla bug report article -


Hope this helps

hey guys I can see the future in crystal ball: Google will buy Mozilla and soon after that they will incorporate chips into the user’s heads for ‘total protection and global safety’ :P0l ;D ;D ;D

Extensions still not work !!! I know this is Mozilla problem. But I also have Firefox and other Firefox based browsers and everywhere extensions now work. Except in IceDragon ?!

What happened with all the add-ons? Mine quit working yesterday. Firefox has a temp patch up so that the add-ons work there but Ice Dragon is still dead. Even Comodo Media Downloader is listed as no good. What is going on?

Yeah, I have the same thing. I had just installed IceDragon then the Mozilla add-on problem happened. Now I can’t even begin to use IceDragon.

“These extensions do not meet current IceDragon standards”.

Firefox has been fixed since yesterday morning. IceDragon is still broken.

  • Your Operating System - Win 10 Pro 64-bit;
  • Security Software Installed - ASC;
  • How you produced the problem - by opening IceDragon;
  • How you tried to resolve the problem - by contacting this forum for help;
  • Screen-shots with the error (if any) - this is a known Mozilla error;
  • Post Memory Dumps on crash if you encounter any - none at this time, it’s a known Mozilla error;
  • Any other Additional Information - can you tell us when this will be resolved?

its been a while since ive been here, 2 days ago after everything has been running perfectly with icedragon im presuming it did an update as i have mine set to automatic, all of a sudden i have no adblock plus, no mate translate, no https enforcement , and no online security pro
when everything was perfect before, now it tells me its not supported as legacy, so it says find a replacement and i do that and tells me i have no connection when i try to download anything for extensions to icedragon, not only that my sound has diminished, and speakers are on 100% as always have been , same everything, where i had perfect sound prior now its much less and i havent touched a thing, i have checked and checked and seems many have this problem the same, why isnt there a trouble shoot situation to be able to contact icedragon,/ firefox by phone from anywhere in the world ???, other than 3rd party ■■■■■■■■ sites that want to charge you for their garbage you go thru, dont want to lose it, but the way things are going im just going to uninstall and go to chrome, and this isnt the only issues ive had with it, bad versions, cant and dont save bookmarks , history, help pages are one click after the other to have no impact, its all getting too complicated when ice dragon was supposed to be " light and easy", well it isnt and neither is firefox at this stage of the game
WHY ??
cheers ozz

^^^^^ the above …WHY??? why wasnt it tested first before included in the browser update ???

slack slack slack from firefox >:(comodo, icedragon, dragon, whatever, just unacceptable behaviour

Is there anybody alive on planet Comodo and try to found solution for this problem ?! I see some slogan above forum: Creating Trust Online :slight_smile:

Is there anybody alive on planet Comodo
HaHaHa, No. At planet Comodo, we are digital netizens >:-D Anyway, I havent personally tried this as I use Firefox "Nightly edition" People on reddit say this method works for them below. I'm not 100% sure it'll work for everyone

At the address bar type in about:config
and change "xpinstall.signatures.required’’ to false
After that you may or may not have to reinstall the extentions again. Maybe?

It’s a Mozilla bug problem

It's a Mozilla bug problem

According to

Add-ons disabled or failing to install in Firefox | Mozilla Add-ons Community Blog
that may more correctly referred to in the past tense, since FF has had corrections/release since yesterday evening.

…and I’m still looking at an AdCircus every time I open a site with CID.

Could we get an idea of when we may expect those corrections to filter down to us?

I’ve got a lot on my plate just now and I don’t care to spend time changing browsers unless it’s really necessary.