Exremely good, jus one prob and a few ques [Resolved]

Hi all and the moderators… switched to Comodo from Sygate PFP today… Must say that Comodo works like a charm!! Very low resource usage like the Sygate one (in fact just the same!!)…

No problems except for the fact that when i did some online firewall tests, the results were secure but i did not receive any kind of warning from the firewall like previously i used to get with Sygate… In fact the logs also did not enter any kind of activity… is this ok??

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I have never used sygate firewall so I dont really know what type of alerts are you looking for. If you receive an alert os not I think it depends on your setting, the testing method, whether you are using a router or not ect.

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Once we know you use what CFP ver (2.x or 3.x) we can move this to the appropriate Help board.

Thanx 4 the replies… I m using v3.0.15.277… I definitely wud’ve paid to get this firewall!!(But don’t get any ideas (:LGH) )

Whenever there was any intrusion prevention the sygate one used to flash its tray icon, that traffic was blocked from so and so ip address… Comodo is perfectly silent but its not much of a problem… Its doing its job perfectly wellllll!!!

Another thing is that a process System(without any kind of extension) is there in the task manager… what is it?? And apparently it also wants internet access… i have blocked it for now though… anybody knows what is it?

i m on Windows XP SP2 with all updates…

Another bigger problem, I decided to test it even more and came across this test


which it failed… data was transmitted from my computer without any warnings from the firewall… I am on custom policy mode in firewall and disabled in defence+…


There is a fundamental flaw in the PCFlankTest.

Download the PCFlankTest executable to your PC, reboot (just to ensure that we’re starting from a known base. During the reboot, physically pull the plug on your internet connection. After you cannot access the internet, re-run the PCFlankTest executable.

Shock! Horror! It still reports that your firewall has been breached and data has been sent away, despite there being no connection possible to the internet.

Obviously the authors of PCFlankTest have mastered the art of data transmission by osmosis. :wink:

I think this test just check to see if it connect to any interface, regardless of whether that interface is capable of an external connection. In this instance, the leak test connects to your local loopback connection, but it still reports it has breached your firewall.

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Thanks for the reply panic! Its true!.. I disabled my lan and still the stupid test could transmit data to its server (i think i am unknowingly connected to some wlan!! (:WIN)

I think it just sends the data thru the browser when we see the results… Its a stupid publicity stunt for the two firewalls that passed the “test”…!!

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That System process is a Windows file process that handles certain important and legit functions and some ports are reserved/associated? with it. I notice mine pops up when it handles ICMP traffic. Depending on your hardware/software setup, I think most people don’t need it. I only have one firewall rule allowed (echo request from my Modem to NIC) and the other rule to block everything in & out on it . If there are more questions, I think you should edit the title to “Exremely good, jus one prob and more questions” (:TNG). Don’t worry. I did it for you. ;D

Perhaps there could be an option to, not only log a rule, but issue an alert (so we can get alerts on port scans etc.). Although i’m not sure if it’s of any use.

That’s what I assumed CFP 3 was able to do, but apparently not. Not that I need or want it, but the options looked like it was capable of it. If referring to incoming traffic, then the average user would be pissed off by the slew of alerts :o

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To Soyabeaner… Thanks man for the edit as well as the info… i’ve written something more here

To pedro… i dont think there is any otion for that… but i’m happy with the product!! They were just some post Sygate blues which have gone away now :■■■■

CFW setting:

  • D+: Train with Safe Mode
  • FW: Custom Policy Mode




To rafel… yup i too get this now after checking the protected com entry in defence+… (L)