exporting and importing data to another computer

Please help me with this: I have iVault on two computers. I have information on one, I want to copy to the other. Restoring the backup from computer A to computer B results in a specified path unavailable error, and exporting to a plain text file doesn’t work because there’s no import feature. So how do I get the info from one to the other?

Have you tried copying the message store? It’s small enough to fit on a USB key or floppy diskette.


I finally figured out how it can be done, but it was not very intuitive and it had some problems. I did a backup of iVault with iVaults backup on computer A, I installed iVault on computer B and in iVault on compute B, opened the file. It then had the new vault and backed-up vaults open. Then I dragged the info from one to the other. The problem was, I couldn’t just open the file and use it, I had to drag the info from the backup file to the new vault.