exporting all settings of comodo dragon to another computer

My problem:
I have passwords stored in comodo dragon browser for games, applications and such and have forgotten the passwords. They are stored in the browser memory, how can I access them? One of 2 things I want done is…one…to export those passwords and settings to another computer or 2…be able to copy and paste those settings and passwords to another computer.

I do know how to export the bookmarks, but unfortunately the passwords do not export with them. Could someone tell me how to export the passwords (or all the settings), or point me to a thread that explains the procedure and in simple terms as I am not a computer geek?

Thanks for whatever help you can give.

backup this folder:

C:\Users<YOUR_ACCOUNT>\AppData\Local\COMODO\Dragon\User Data

password are backup too BUT you must login with good password 1 time if you copy this folder on another computer.

you can export all password on .txt file with ChromePasswordDecryptor

Thanks Raph4, I believe this is the ticket will try and let you know…specially like the app you mentioned…thanks once again.

Just wanted to end this thread with a thanks, I used the app and it worked actually better than I thought, found passwords I forgot I even had, nice little tool.

P.S. And thanks for pointing me towards this website, it looks to have a few more goodies that I may have a need for.