Export configuration

I’ve spend a lot of time marking application and processes as allowed/trsusted in the various CIS components.
When I do a reinstall of windows I have to reconfigure everying again.
So my request is a configuration file that can be imported into CIS after a reinstal.

If you backup the “database” folder in the CIS program directory, you can copy it into the new installation. This is the folder that contains all of the Trusted Programs lists.

Sounds :-TU
Does that include all sorts of setting of for example the fire wall (ports, ips etc)?

No, just the Trusted Programs. To export your other configurations, go to More->Manage My Configurations, click a configuration you want to export and hit the “Export” button.

On the new install, just choose “Import”. To copy the backed up Trusted Programs files, you’ll have to do this in Windows Safe Mode since those files are protected by CIS.

An alternate method would be:

  1. Disable D+
  2. Kill cmdagent.exe in the Task Manager
  3. Copy the files from your backup to the database folder in the CIS program directory.
  4. Reboot
  5. Re-enable D+