Explorer.exe caused buffer overflow - how to get more info?

I just resumed my PC from hibernation and CMF told me explorer.exe was trying to execute memory…

How can I find out more about this alert?

I want to know because I had the exact same alert a few weeks ago and I had clicked allow, after which my computer started locking up, my user account disappeared and I found I had a trojan virus - all of which took me about a week to fix.

Naturally this time I clicked the “kill” button ;D

Is there any way to find out what exactly caused this alert/attack?

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This can be a feature request… Wish list. :slight_smile:

Stack overflows like this in 99% is not a false alert. What version of OS do you have ?

Windows XP Home SP2. I doubt it is a false alert either, as last time it happened I ended up with a trojan virus.

I wish I had more info as to what caused it - do I have some other virus on my PC now that is causing it - or was it from a website?

Anyone find anything out about this yet?