Expiry notice

I have just installed BoClean on my wife’s PC (XP sp2). I used a file I had on thumb drive and it turned out to be 4.25. After I had installed it I was told it would expire in 60 days and please get the latest. I had 4.27 on my PC, so I grabbed the installation file from my drive to my thumb drive, deleted the 4.35 version from the thumb, and ran 4.27 install on my wife’s PC, using the thumb drive copy. When I had installed I was told it would expire is SIX days.

Where did I go wrong?

Thanks for any help.


I’ve personally, not heard of this one before.

It’s possible that there are some leftover files from 4.25 on your computer.

Try checking the following directories

C:/Program Files

C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/

C:/Documents and Settings/[USERNAME]/Application Data/

I don’t personally know every in and out of BoClean but these possible leftover files might be your answer though it doesn’t explain the number of days before expirey.

You might also want to run a registry cleaner and temp files cleaner like Ccleaner found here: www.ccleaner.com


Thanks Eric. I will try an uninstall and check those folders. I have Eusing Registry Cleaner, and I will run that as well. Can’t do it at the moment. The PC is “IN USE” :-TD

Hi RealOldNick :slight_smile:

Did you shut down BOClean 4.25 before you uninstalled it ???

Also check in C:/Windows if the BOC425.INI file has been removed.

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for the reply.

hmm…I can’t remember if I shut it down or not.

I will check for that file and delete it if it’s there.


Confirmed, you can install both but you get a warning (:WIN)

“are you absolutely sure have no other version of BoClean installed” ?

So if you cleanup the old version and everything should be fine.

I’ll get there! My wife’s laid up in bed sick, and her PC is in the bedroom. So I would not be very popular in there at the moment, setting up a PC!


You’d better be nursing her with something to drink and lot’s of attention (:WIN)

You could consider setting up a VNC Server on her system so you can ‘remote’ control it later…

Well she can take care of herself on that first bit. “Oh I am sick. I need a hot toddy (or two)”.

I am watching her and looking after her.

And yes, I have VNC. I had not thought of that. Thanks


AY you blokes! Knock it off then … LAST call! And we MEAN it, ya tossers! :■■■■

Sympathies to the missus … nobody wants to be laid up unless it’s for a better cause, eh? :slight_smile:

For anyone who cares, the reason why I decided to toss that screen up is that so MANY complaints over the years were the result of folks who didn’t pay attention, didn’t uninstall, and weren’t paying attention in the first place (and folks wonder why there’s an 80% infection rate amongst what US comdian Ron White calls, “you CAN’T fix stupid” and yet us “PRO-yammers” are supposed to be mystic Wiccans somehow, heh.

That question gets asked on EVERY install … simply, did you remove the old version? And if you don’t HAVE an “old version” to have been removed, then well … ON with it! :slight_smile:

Though you might want to exclude VNC rom BOClean if alerted … too many bad guys are STILL using it, and since the authors of that, and many OTHER “adminware” STILL fail to check for “am I invisible? UH-OH!!!” we’re going to nail it as malware! ONLY proggies we allow to run (EVEN if “legitimate” so these reports are NOT an “FP”) are those which will COMPLAIN if their windows are not visible … still though, might be a solution.

And fer krissakes … if you’re “under the weather” … one thing I’ve learned over the years is “Give it PEACE to be” and just do what you can to make it better! Nobody should have to feel bad when they’re sick, it’s time to extend and expand the love. Heh. Whatever they’ve got usually, you’re going to “catch” from them anyway - might as well get greedy and GIVE the love so that when it’s YOUR turn, you might get some back! :slight_smile:

Seriously though … personal sympathies … been married for nearly thirty years now, and the wife IS in the union! Heh.

Thanks Kevin…I…think… :slight_smile: Have you noticed that the :■■■■ is the one that keeps popping up as the smileys “refresh”?

However, I am as always honoured by your input. No irony.

I did actually uninstall the previous version. I know that. I saw the warning and did it. But doubt has been cast, because I maybe did not shut down the previous version before uninstalling. This may have left vestiges, that caused a problem.

I will report when I try again.


Heh. HOW long have we cheered each other, buddy? Moo! :slight_smile:

Lemme know how it all works out … I STILL actually care, and our buddy here Melih is STILL paying me to do so! Heh.