Exlorer launching / terminating AcroRd32.exe

When I open a folder in Explorer that contains Adobe PDF, I get inundated with alerts that Explorer is trying to launch AcroRd32.exe and then another notification that its trying to terminate AcroRd32.exe


I gave Explorer carte blanche to do so, but my druther’s would be not so much unless I was actually opening a PDF.

Anybody know why this is happen?

Thumbnail generation perhaps?

Seems to happen whenever mousing over any PDF. Explorer is configured point to select and in detail view. AcroRd32.exe belongs to Adobe Reader v10.1.13.

The phenomenon will occur indefinitely as long as any arbitrary PDF is selected.

Thought maybe it had something to do with Adobe document revisioning, but I have that turned off in AcroRd options. That notwithstanding, no internet activity occurs concerning any sort of revision history lookup.