Have used COMODO only a couple of days and I think it’s time to leave, so far it has requested permission about 20 times for Firefox. Thunderbird. Windows Media Player and it has been ticked to remember.
Anybody any ideas on why?

then your firewall works well ;D. i think you should be more patient, stick with CFP a li’l bit longer and let it remember more apps. it’s a good firewall.


Perhaps the trusty ** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First ** link will do?

Constantly Same Alerts / Doesn't Remember Rules https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6908.0.html

Just about everything will be different once v3 is out

I have CFP 2.4 installed some days ago on the heals of uninstall (very difficult include registry cleaning) of the ZoneAlarm that I got sick at all.
You could appreciate COMODO only in comparison with ZA. that ZA lately was holding a logit web page (like financials, pension web etc…) for some 10-15 sec before giving it to me, enormous slow down of traffic…finally I got sick and unloaded it.

Now, for now COMODO CFP 2.4 seems not slowing relevant web pages at all…