execution control level

Perform functions such as cloud behavior based analysis of unrecognized files, and unrecognized Automatically scan files in the cloud

these options with the file is not signed and is recognized as a reliable company even though this is malware.

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You should report this on the Report trusted and whitelisted malwares here! topic.

Thanks for the submission. :-TU

You might also want to run that sample by Comodo’s File Verdict Service to see what Valkyrie makes of it. :slight_smile:

but I am in doubt, but the file has traces of rogue software.
see the pictures, the 1st has the signature myweb.ru, and at 2 idownload.com:

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The signature is not verified I think it says. That may indicate it is using a revoked signature or there is a problem with the verification process its self. That means it is best not to trust because the file cannot be verified.