Executable on Removable Drive

I have an executable on a USB drive that is launched from a batch file. I allow it to run in the Defense+ alert window and check Remember my Answer. When I disconnect and reconnect the drive, the alert pops up again. How can I have Comodo remember my decision?

I think it is absolutely anacceptable to allow something from Removable Media in Rules.
Today it is a “good” application, tomorrow it will become “unwanted” from another Media.

Even without removable media your problem can occur. Today your application on your local media is safe tomorrow it goes rogue. Rules on removable drives should be optionally allowed. You can have CD’s that are readonly or drives that are controlled and not modified. It is a real nuisance to click so many checkboxes, radioboxes and buttons to allow something that is always and still safe.

CIS does not trust files on removable media by design because they cannot be continuously monitored. A rule will only be remembered until Windows reboots or when the device gets disconnected.

You already have multiple levels of protection for modified files. If a file is altered Windows promts with a window titled “Open File - Security Warning” and asks if you want to run it. Comodo Defense+ also has multple prompts asking if you want to allow the new or altered file to perform its actions. Whether the files are on local or removable media the safeguards for altered files are already in place.