EXE Hijack?

I made a smart scan with CCE and it found “abnormal system setting”.

WTF is this? There’s no info about it at all. I don’t let it do anything if I don’t know what it’s actually going to do.

That means your registry value connected to opening .exe files was hijacked. It could be done by malware or by some custom settings done by youurself.

Cool… Little more info from CCE wouldn’t hurt, like what particular value is the “problem.”

Sorry for revival, but I’m sick of seeing this. It just appeared out of nowhere weeks ago, and I have no clue what CCE is trying to fix even after examining the logs. I can’t report it within the program, so here I am.

My system is clean, so it can’t be a malicious hijack. Can someone please explain in technical details what it’s detect there? Thanks.

I’d like to know what this is too. Using CCE for the forst time in years, checking a Windows 10 PC that seems clean according to Webroot, Windows Defender and HitmanPro but acting a bit slow and losing wifi connection from time to time. Doing a full scan with CCE and got this “threat”, any more info anyone as to what this means and how prevalent it is and any other suggestions please?