.exe hijack

Sometimes malware hijack .exe extention & you cannot start anything as clicking on anything gives error or the malware popsup like rogue products.

So CCE, KillSwitch , etc also cannot be started, right?

But I guess CCE scan in aggressive mode can be started & CCE also repairs the .exe hijack, m I right?

I made several posts about this problem, all you have to do is read, for example here:


The answer is NO. CCE can’t start even in Aggressive Mode.
However, CCE is able to repair this .exe hijack. But it has to be started first:)

OK. Thanxx for the info.

Sometimes during malware tests I come across 1 prob which I dont know how to manually solve & neither MBAM, Hitman & CCE solves.

The prob is everything is disappeared i.e I can see everything if I select show hidden files/folders but normally I can’t. I can solve this by using other third party products, right? But can I solve it manually & is it easy & how?
What are the third party tools for this prob?

I think CCE should cover as many aspects & should be mostly like an ultimate tool for cleaning/repairing malware infested/general probs.