exclusions, what and where???

Hi there,
I use MBAM and Webroot SecureAnywhere AV. Webroot in a testing capacity as its compatible with CIS and I’m interested in how it works an the direction this software is taking, anyway back to the point…Do these other antimalware products slow down each others scans and can i safely exclude them?
Is it as simple as just adding the relevant programs to the exclusion list?
Thanx MW

I have no experience with running CIS and Webroot AV at the same time. As a rule of thumb we do not recommend to run two program with similar function at the same time; think two firewalls, two HIPS’s, two anti malware residential shields, two behaviour blockers, etc…

For testing you can play around with adding CIS installation folders to the Webroot AV’s exclusion folders and vice versa.

You can also keep an eye on D+ logs for excessive memory access requests. With Avast there was a problem that it was hammering cmdagent.exe for memory access which in turn had cmdagent.exe using quite some CPU cycles.

Thanx EricJH
All seems well, no conflicts :slight_smile:
because of webroots size and speed it seems the ideal compliment to any suite, during testing it splits the realtime detection rates about 70/30 in favour of his big brother CIS,
I like this combo an think it’ll stick til V6…
Thanx again