i have bearshare lite in the exclusion list in cavs(newest beta)does that mean cavs just doesnt scan bearshare itself or all the files that are downloaded from it?

Why did you put it in the exclusion list?

If it detected anything, trust me, it’s not a false positive.

And it means that it just doesn’t scan the adware-infested thing itself, everything it downloads is still scans. Which is a good thing.

ok thats good it scans the downloaded files,i excluded it because it quaritiens it,its bearshare lite not as bad as bearshare,i scan with adaware,spybot,superantispyware and spyware terninator and the only thing i get is i believe its a cookie called whenusave alot(someting like that,i hope its a cookie?

Do you have any obligation to Bearshare?
It has every right to quarantine it; WhenUSave is NOT a cookie. it is very notorious ADWARE.

Can you try something like Ares, Limewire, Frostwire, eMule, Gnucleus?

no obligation just been using it,but thanks for pointing that out to me,i wont be using it anymore,thanks Quwen(im guessing its from bearshare because thats when i notice that i have it after im done downloading when i run a scan with spybot s&d

No problem!

My new trademark:
Saving the internet from evil, one clueless Bearshare user at a time.

(:CLP)good one
“Saving the internet from evil, one clueless Bearshare user at a time.”