Exclude (folders) on (a full backup /) other backup types

Hey, I tried to backup a 50GB partition but it would create a 107GB file (either using compression - and i know that works taking out a 2,9GB folder backup-ed as ~2GB). And it’s a shame, cause it took hours and I immediately had to delete it afterwards.

Since I only got that drive available, I decided to create a folder (C:\Backup), set it as a share, backup to that share and exclude the folder from backup. But while it somehow works, it won’t do, as it would more than double the backup size.

Now after a few tryouts with some smaller and faster partition and the note here, it seems exclusion is not supported with full backup (or rather only on files and folders - where the same test-exclusion on the same drive worked, while it doesn’t on full). In the program there is no warning on that!

So my request is:

  • Allow Exclusion for all types of backups
  • (if that is not available early/may guilty for other tasks:) give a hint on options not available on certain operations (like no exclusions during full backup)

Question for workaround:
Would it be the same to just backup MBR separately and use files and folders for drive C: without the backup-folder? Can a Windows-installation be fully recovered by that?