Exclude Folders from Restore


I was wondering how to restore the computer to the same snapshot daily at 5am but keep all the new documents, desktop and favorites folder contents without having to restore them manually.

So i want to restore whole computer excluding those folders automatically without having to take a snapshot before it restores and then restore those folders manually after the full system restore.

Please help.


Shortly, you can’t.
The snapshot is the whole partition/disk. You can’t exclude folders/files.
By the way, CTM is a system restore not a backup feature :slight_smile:

if i have 2 partitions, C & D, can i get comodo time machine to just restore the C drive and leave the stuff on D alone?


You can protect only the system drive (C:) if you want.
You can synchronize snapshots single files from the protected partitions.


So i got that bit done.

Now i have Comodo Internet Security, how do i make it so that when it restores back to day 1 it will keep the comodo internet security updates and definitions.

Please include step by step instructions if possible.


I’m not expert on CIS. If it uses the drive C (system) for updates, you need to install it on drive D (partition) and do not protect it with CTM.
Look, CTM is a full system restore. That’s the technology. It’s not make (thought) as Windows Steady State or other freezing tools.
Maybe you’re looking for a backup tool and not a system restore one.

Excellent indications Tech Kind regards