Exclude folder


I have a programming folder on the root of my disk and I want Comodo to stop blocking executables inside that folder (including sub folders of that folder) how can I do that? Also, how to best make it safe from viruses to put itself into that folder structure and run itself. Executables inside this folder will have a new hash every time I recompile them, so it’s important to exclude new executables as well.


Does this video I made for another case help? Allow a folder for HIPS, BB and Firewall in CIS - YouTube

Regarding Malware: With the above you allow everything in that folder, i.e unknown malware in that folder will be allowed to do what they want, so the only protection you have is from the AV which works by detection, so if it’s a known malware then you’ll get an alert or it will be quarantined automatically depending on your settings and if it’s an unknown malware then it will be allowed to do pretty much whatever.

That seems to make good sense. I liked the asterisk to allow all files to connect to the internet. I will try that.