exclamation point in systray, gui reports not defense+ not functioning properly

You may remember me from such past posts as having issues with Comodo Firewall, ones like it killing my wifi connections (completely removing them from the PC) and such things

So a period of time has passed and i thought, why not give them another go, its now v5, surely theyve ironed out a few things by now…

So i installed it just now…fresh install of WinXP SP3, fully patched …as always before ive tried CIS

So i selected on the firewall during install, and thats what i thought i would get, seemed logical enough

Until…i rebooted and was greeted with an exclamation point in the CIS systray icon and upon opening the GUI found “Defense+ is not functioning properly, run diagnostics”…knowing full well that it wouldnt find a problem i still ran diagnostics and got what i expected “nothing wrong with your install”

Defense+ is turned off permanently as you would imagine in the settings

So my question is this: “Why do i have to look at a fricking exclamation point and gui error message for a component i didnt select during install and which the GUI evens says is turned off?”

How do i get this bug to go away so im not assuming every time i look at the tray that theres an actual error?


Sorry no you cannot, also Defense+ is part of all installs.

A lot of members complained that the were not warned if something was disabled, so it was included in the lastest version.


So if you just want the firewall you have to look somewhere else?

Edit: Even AFTER enabling Defense+, which i do not want, i have the same error!

Oh my, nothings changed at Comodo, see my previous posts where it used to kill (completely remove all existence of) my wireless connections and then as an added bonus when trying to remove it, it would kill my user profile

Sure this is some progress, but at this pace we’ll all have minority report gui’s by the time this firewall actually works properly.

If your members complained about this component not warning them if it was disabled, then why was i offered a firewall ONLY during install, it didnt say firewall but ■■■■ you dont want or need, it said pure firewall. A host intrusion detection system is a completely separate thing in my world, and always should be.

Ill go back to my paid firewall application, see you at v6 for no doubt another test and exercise in futility. I was really hoping this version would allow me to switch back to what was ONCE a GREAT firewall, before all that other useless bloated ■■■■ was added a few years ago. Ive said it before and ill say it again, give those of us who were around in the beginning and who can remember what Comodo Firewall was, that same old program back…

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