Excessive updating? [Resolved]

My Comodo firewall installation has told me it has updates pending several times in the last five hours, asking do I wish to install them. I’ve said yes, and then in a short while, it goes through the whole process again. The icon shows a download ongoing for a while. I don’t know whether anything is being installed. Apparently something is awry, with the update site or with my program. Any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

It sounds like it’s failing to update. The latest version is Can you manually download and install from www.personalfirewall.comodo.com to see if this solves the issue?


thanks for your response. i have installed the latest version. i had hoped to avoid doing that because now i’ve got to go through its learning session all over again s oh well. “today’s solutions are tomorrow’s problems.”


Glad to have helped. Unfortunatly a clean install is often the only way, but you can be assured with Comodo’s ever expanding safelist you will get fewer alerts - and the learning process should be quicker. :wink: