Excessive Page Faults: cmdagent.exe & Win XP SP3

cmdagent.exe on my Win XP SP3 system seems to be generating an excessive number of page faults – about 70/sec so that after my system is up for about 10 mins there are already 70103600 = 2.5 Million page faults. The pace is steady even when the machine is idle – after 20 mins, 5 Million pfs.

Is this normal?

My system has 2Gb mem. During startup, cmdagent can peak at 250Mb mem usage, then settle down to <20Mb (machine idling).

This seems abnormal to me. No other app, even rsc-intensive video/photo editing apps, causes so many page faults. Seems that this must be degrading my system performance.

Anyone have any suggestions?


I’m having the EXACT same problem. More page faults than anything else running on my PC. The system IDLE is also taking tons of CPU time (60 to 90%) and I’ve had at least 3 BSOD crashes (which I’ve never had before since this is a newly installed system) due to DTMFLT.sys


Windows XP Home OEM 32bit with SP3
CPU AMD 64 dual core 2.8ghz processor
4 gigs of Ram

I really like the IDEA of Comodo software and it was the FIREWALL that lured me in. It’s the best I’ve used. I love the idea of the time machine but reading the forums… well, it’s downright scary!

So far it’s worked for me but It does crash BSOD at various times. I must say in all honesty, this is the most problems I’ve ever experienced with this type of software. I decided to go with ALL Comodo stuff because I figured it would be harmonious and work and play well together.

I really need to get rid of either the BSOD or the cause of it.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Mark Hamilton