Excessive Disk Usage

CIS should be intelligent enough that when the disk usage is excessive, it should get into sense and give control of the computer to the user.

As you can see, it is taking 100% disk usage. This is happening for last 1 hour. I have disabled AntiVirus, HIPS, Viruscope, and still the usage is 100%, and the user is CAWP. In my resource monitor, I can see 100s of CAWP processes using disk. Only 5 or maybe 10 other processes are there. WHY? Isn’t it crazy?

Now I have to disable firewall so that I can work on MY COMPUTER. Why firewall is scanning all my Office files? I am not using office at the moment.

What is the logic of scanning Pagefile.sys ?

This behaviour makes user more vulnerable to the threats than the excessive security provided by the CIS.

System: Win 10 Home. All updates. Core i7 7th Gen system with 16GB RAM.

Hi adnanwk,

Thank you for reporting, could you please check your Inbox for private message and provide the requested logs.

I can tell from the sequential file access that it is the schedule full system scan running in the background.

isnt this similar to what member “bazolo” is reporting

I’m having a similar problem, almost every day 100% disk usage since I updated to v12.0.0.6818. It is very annoying I cannot use the computer normally (I’m on Windows 8.1). I had the same problem in the past with some older versions of Comodo too.

The previous version 11 worked fine.

I want to downgrade back to Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6802 but I cannot find the installation file.

Can you tell me please where to download the offline installer of Comodo Internet Security Premium v11.0.0.6802 ?

I tried the download link in this thread:
but it is downloading the newest version 12 instead.

Thanks in advance!

@ adnanwk: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aq3X3wNano7MjhVLMYdcI8aSrrjA?e=MVkc6M

Thanks for the file EricJH!

By the way, I found out at me the problem with the version 12 has been the Antivirus part. I don’t know why. I let everything ON (Firewall, VirusScope, Auto containment, Website filtering), I only turned off the Antivirus, and the excessive disk usage problem didn’t appear since then.