Excessive CPU usage and Hamachi issues

Whenever I have an application handling more than 100 connections at the same time, Comodo can’t keep up, it begins to use 100% CPU Usage all the time, this happened in all systems I’ve tried… Despite my different comodo setups…

The other problem being I can’t setup Hamachi, whatsoever! - I have my udp and tcp rules set and Comodo shouldn’t even smell Hamachi for what I’ve setup, but its still blocking all its traffic (hamachi ends up with an error “firewall might be blocking dhcp”…

I’m more interested in the CPU issue right now, because it’s a real problem. I’ll have to buy a firewall from the competition if this keeps on happening, and that’s not really cool at all.


Please help!

If you use Hamachi, you will need to set up a zone to cater for the IP addresses used (from memory, but you’ll need to double check, it’s in the 10.5.X.X range). This zone then needs to be set up as a trusted network.

What application are you using that holds >100 connections open?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello panic, thanks for your answer - I’ll be setting up the network zone and let you know how it goes.

About the 100> connections: it’s a render-farm, and this is the server. It handles an average of 50 connections and another 50 to 100 from the FTP server alone (render farm finishes a project, you download it from the FTP server).

I even set Comodo to ignore this applications but it keeps on wasting the CPU cycles big time! - This obviously causes the FTP service to respond quite slowly on client requests, let alone the render server that has to manage huge files in between multiple systems.

Both services run on TCP/IP protocol, of course - the render server also uses UDP to broadcast messages.

So far I haven’t found a way to prevent Comodo from using all of the server’s CPU resources. I wouldn’t mind if the usage wasn’t always 80-100% though, but since other services run in this system, It’s imperative to solve this issue as soon as possible. Or else, the introduced lag will cause quite a time loss, because the OS won’t know if the FTP requires more resources than the render-farm (or vice versa) until one of them is processing more instructions than the other…

(I know, we should have a hardware firewall, but budget is quite small and Comodo has been a great solution only downside being it lures me to cook an egg at the rack)